Floods are three-dimensional, is your analysis?

Your risk to flood inundation exists in three dimensions, and your analysis should reflect this reality. Using our unique assessment products and techniques, you gain insight into more than just what infrastructure is impacted; you also gain insight into how much of a structure—including specific floors—is at risk. You can then better quantify your risk reduction: minimize exposure with flood mitigation measures, and increase your ability to bounce back with adaptive-capacity enhancements. With our products and techniques, you can achieve a level of understanding impossible with traditional two-dimensional building footprint intersections.


Communicate risk intuitively, build understanding and buy-in

Proactive risk management involves understanding threats, key asset vulnerabilities, and options for building resilience—the full extent of which is often difficult or impossible with two-dimensional maps. Using our unique blend of 3D products and services, we can help you understand and communicate your resilience opportunities in a form that is immediately identifiable and engaging to your constituents and stakeholders. Landmarks are instantly recognizable, and the often complex story of resilience becomes clear in an interactive, three-dimensional format.

Communicating inundation risk


2D vs 3D


The right data, on the platform you trust

Our solutions are built using official data from trusted sources that include your own GIS databases combined with data from NOAA, FEMA, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the U.S. Geological Survey. We implement our solutions on the Esri ArcGIS platform, so you know that you can support the results.

Our Work In Action

Boulder, Colorado

3D regional view of Boulder, Colorado. We are helping decision makers understand the larger landscape they are a part of and the impact their resilience measures have on recovering from upstream heavy precipitation events.


Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Neighborhood-scale view of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with storm surge inundation data. We are helping community members understand how flood mitigation measures at the municipal and individual property scale builds resilience. Being able to visualize the impacts helps the stakeholders better understand the cost/benefit of resilience measures.

Asheville, North Carolina

View of Asheville, North Carolina and the extent of a recent flood. We are helping business owners understand their exposure to nuisance flooding and how increasing adaptive capacity can keep their employees safe and their businesses operational.

Your resilience solution is waiting.