Move from unaware to aware

Understand your community’s climate and socioeconomic stressors framed by past experience, current trends, and future change. Our resilience experts and cutting-edge tools are ready to enhance your perspective.


Regional Scoping Tool

Rapidly assess regional stressors—both natural and socioeconomic—that drive vulnerability at the community scale with our Regional Scoping Tool. With this tool, you can immediately identify other communities facing similar issues and find out what makes your community unique.

Weather Stressor Trends

We have processed billions of precipitation and stream flow observations to enable accelerated exploration of critical thresholds in extreme precipitation and flooding. With our tools, you can understand how often those thresholds are exceeded—and whether extremes are occurring more frequently or are becoming more severe.


Workshops and Expert Commentary

Our team of resilience experts can help frame and communicate the large-scale resilience challenges for the benefit of your stakeholders and constituents. We have a track record of successfully delivering audience-targeted print summary reports, interactive web explorers, and in-person workshops.

Your resilience solution is waiting.