Move from unaware to aware

Ready to get started? We help you move from Unaware to Aware by helping you identify your community's natural and socioeconomic stressors, framed by past impacts, current trends, and evolving conditions. Our resilience experts and cutting-edge tools are ready to enhance your perspective.


What we do

Our team of resilience experts meshes your local experience with our large inventory of natural hazard and socioeconomic data. We work with you to build a full picture of your community's critical threats.

What you get

You gain an understanding of regional stressors that drive vulnerability at a local scale and how often critical thresholds are being exceeded for stressors like extreme precipitation, flooding, and extreme heat. We deliver the shared insight as a localized adaptation Esri Story Map and can also offer an educational workshop to build shared understanding in your organization.

Your resilience solution is waiting.