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Aware of your threats and ready to quantify risk? Reduce uncertainty with local-scale tactical metrics that enable comparison and ranking across threats like flooding, wildfire, and landslides, and for assets like businesses, critical infrastructure, and residential property. In addition to our robust database of hazard and socioeconomic data, we incorporate your local property, asset, and hazard information to develop a quantitative vulnerability and risk analysis. We take a sector-by-sector, hazard-by-hazard approach with full traceability to individual properties so that you can drive sector-specific adaptation actions.

 LOCAL commercial sector Exposure to flooding

LOCAL commercial sector Exposure to flooding

 Local commercial sector vulnerability to flooding

Local commercial sector vulnerability to flooding

What we need from you

In addition to your local asset and threat data, we work with your team to incorporate other local factors that influence risk such as local ordinances and building codes.

What we do

We perform a traceable sector-by-sector, asset-by-asset assessment that calculates vulnerability and scopes risk at an individual property level across your entire community. We then aggregate up to a neighborhood scale so you can see clusters of risk. We also add our adaptation expert commentary to help draw your attention to key threats.




A constantly-updated resilience assessment solution on the ArcGIS Platform incorporating your parcel and building database.

Vulnerability reports and resilience plans

We can deliver our analysis as a report that can be integrated into hazard mitigation, comprehensive, or other plans your community has. With this analysis in hand, you’ll understand what sectors are at highest risk, can identify the costliest hazards facing your community, and will be able to locate which neighborhoods face the most hazards across all sectors.



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